PC Services

iT-ology cover Helston & The Lizard.

Whatever the problem with your computer - software, hardware, a virus, spyware or malware - we have the knowledge to repair it.

We can install new components and software as required and provide ongoing support and maintenance to both home and business users.

Windows 10 Upgrade

If you're a Windows 7 user, you're in limbo: while the last free major upgrade loophole to Windows 10 expired at the end of 2017, Microsoft will stop supporting the OS on Jan. 14, 2020. If you intend to upgrade to Windows 10 and the October 2018 Update but haven’t actually completed the process, we can help.

If you are using an older Operating System such as XP or Vista we can also advise you on how to run the latest most secure version of Windows.

Remote IT Support Service

We offer a remote IT support service, where we can access your computer from our office, no matter where you are in the world. We’ll connect to you online via the internet and fix many types of small issues you may encounter; email issues, software errors, or even installing programs.

If the issue cannot be fixed remotely, we will aim to arrange a visit depending on your location.

PC Crashing or Freezing

Often when your computer is crashing or freezing, the cause may be a hardware conflict, corrupt software or faulty drivers. You may well have a virus problem if you are getting annoying pop ups appearing when surfing the internet or your programs just don’t seem to be acting the way they use to.

New PC Installations

iT-ology offers a personal service to visit you at your home or business to setup new equipment to your requirements. We are able to transfer across files from your old computer, setup your email and anything else you require. We will ensure your new PC has full anti-virus protection and secure online backup too.

Virus or Spyware

One of the most annoying problems with computers are virus attacks. We can install compatible anti-virus software and protective firewalls and attempt to repair any damage your computer might have sustained from the virus or spyware. We can have your laptop or pc up and running within an hour in most cases.

Internet Problems

iT-ology can check out internet and email problems, set up internet connections, routers and Wi-Fi. Where possible we can increase the speed of connection.

Retrieval of Lost Data

We can attempt to retrieve lost or corrupted data. We offer advice on backup systems to prevent re-occurrence of lost data.

Password Recovery

Password recovery can normally be done at your premises. If you have forgotten your password or windows login details we can get you up and running in no time.

Upgrading Hardware on PC and Laptops

We can replace damaged hardware or upgrade your hard drive, motherboards, routers, graphics and sound cards and all other components on most makes of PC and laptops.

PC not Booting or Blue Screen

If your computer will not open up properly or gives you error messages such as the dreaded blue screen of death, iT-ology will be able to get to the source of the problem and fix it.

Faulty Software

iT-ology can help with all general software problems. We will update Windows, install new software and resolve any conflicts with existing software.

Setting Up a Network

At a higher level, iT-ology can undertake to design and set up, and thereafter, manage and maintain a network system.

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